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An integrated Shopify app that helps create shipping labels directly on your Shopify store. Supports creating SF Express shipping labels for easy local deliveries within Hong Kong only.

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Key Features

Create Labels Quickly

Use HK Shipping Labels to create SF Express shipping labels directly within your Shopify admin.

Have multiple orders to handle? Cut down fulfillment time by creating and printing multiple order shipping labels together.

Bulk Fulfill Multiple Orders

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No more copying and pasting order information

Order information is automatically captured by our app to create SF Express shipping labels.

Automate Fulfillment Task

With one click, our app will create shipping labels, change order status to “fulfilled”, and mark shipment tracking information on your Shopify orders.

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Easily print out labels for delivery

Labels are compiled in a PDF file for easy printing using thermal printers or desktop printers.

Create shipping labels on your Shopify store with ease through these major features:

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Standard Plan Pricing

30 days free trial

$15/month for first 50 order

$5 for every 50 orders thereafter




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